sea surfer

i made this using a piece of sea metal and driftwood i collected from the tideline of my local beach.I am really pleased with how it turned out -what dyou think? its now for sale in my etsy shop along with other art that iv made .

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stone age art piece

i found this stone age cutting tool on the beach, its a flint stone that 1000s of years ago had been worked into a useful sharp edge. Once i got it home i looked at it and decided to add 2 small seashells to give it eyes and a “face”

Later i put it up for sale in my etsy shop,its defo a 1 off piece of art from 1000s of years ago!

check it out

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making a mermaids cabinet

sea driftwood cabinet

from my stash of sea driftwood i decided to make this bathroom cabinet. Looking over the very sea worn wood i sensed it had got real history.I once read that well over 100 ships and boats were shipwrecked off this coast over the centuries.Many still lay in the sand on the seabed. At Felixstowe driftwood only arrives after big storms,theres nothing much in between.This got me thinking could be some of the driftwood has its origins in a shipwreck? We can never know for sure…. this cabinet is on sale [along with others] in my etsy shop i think they look great in a mermaids bathroom

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driftwood art projects

-suffolk Coastal scenes -i used acrylic paints and then varnished the surface

im making art projects using sea driftwood that i collected on my local beach a few years ago. it took a very long time to dry out .iv also been weaving jute twine into these .Lately been selling these in my Etsy shop. iv had a really great Summer i hope yours has been good too!

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making gift items from wreckage washed up on the beach

just offshore at Felixstowe lay several plane wrecks on the seabed and after storms small pieces of alloy from the wrecks wash up in the sands.iv been collecting it for several years and latterly been combining it with sea driftwood to craft items to put in my etsy shop. Each item really has the spirit of the sea , its got proper heritage ,thats important to me .

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using acrylic fabric paints

After trying out some fabric paints onto cotton bags im pleased with the results! iv now got several hand painted tote bags in my etsy shop and in my ebay shop .Lifes great! i hope you are having happy days too!

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jets skis at Felixstowe beach

they appeared from around the pier,did a sort of 20 second dance in front of the beachgoers and then off they went !

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down at the beach

theres Always something to see, a moment in time, captured on film. heres a few i took recently at Felixstowe beach

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Sea driftwood cabinets

i really enjoy making these. Theres the finding of the driftwood ,driftwood washes up randomly here at Felixstowe ,theres never very much of it and it usually gets taken back by the very next tide,–so iv got to be quick. Next stage is washing it and then setting it to dry-this takes 2 yrs! but iv got to be patient i cannot use it till its totally dry . Then i set out the pieces and see what comes to my mind . Ive sold several cabinets [for mermaid style bathrooms] and they are all over the world! how cool is that. Ive even been commisioned to make one .Anyhoo heres a few images of recent ones. Theyre in my etsy shop right now

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small pieces of sea pottery become sailing boats

on the beach i found several small pieces of sea pottery-immediately i thought Hey those look like sails ,so i made up this art piece using the pieces + sea driftwood and now its in my etsy shop for sale

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