Focus on apartments

iv always had a soft spot for window cleaning apartments,im not sure why?

this is. Most usually the occupier is especially happy at having found someone keen to clean their windows,it could simply be this because in my area this angle of the trade does not seem to be the focus of other window cleaners

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window cleaning AND art

its an unusual combo, making art AND  cleaning windows . But the connection is there….to clean windows correctly in a timely manner you need to be very detail oriented and its the same with art , its all about the detail though there is not the same time can find my art on sale here-

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a few dollars more

yesterday i sold 3 of my paintings, wow selling my art its not something id planned but they really wanted them. this is a post about the 3 i sold

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painting is very relaxing

IMG_2034Turns out i really like painting. i bought a kids set of acrylic


paints early this year and instantly found a great interest in painting.At school i could never paint as im colour blind.

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acrylic painting

id bought some paints with an idea in my head to paint on some driftwood id picked up on the local beach  then one Saturday i decided to paint,with the thought to probably seaglass2bin it by lunchtime

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quad bike coincidence

i wrote in an earlier post about weird coincidences ,that seem to only happen when im out working. Well heres another one!Can-Am-outlanderXMR1000i was cleaning house windows and parked in the front of a garden was a Quad bike something like this image. id seen it there before but never remarked on it. Anyway me and the guy who works with me paused and had a little chat about it, its impressive,real meaty machine, not a toy, wonder where he rides it? etc etc . Then we moved off and on with the day.

Later the same day [only 2hrs later]on the online news was a bit about an air ambulance landing along the area where the quad was, airlifting out someone badly injured ON A QUAD.  Turns out it was the same quad !

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good gun-for gutter repair

im talking about a cartridge gun ,not a gun gun. id been looking for a really good Cartridge gun to apply butyl gloop up on the gutter line . it had to meet several criterios ,when you work on a ladder it has to be right first time.These were my criterias

1-has to be nifty and light 2-have a hook on it to hang on a ladder 3-be a non dripper 4-just had to feel right in my hand wickes.

The hunt took a few weeks, reading online reviews got me part of the way .The best way ultimately was to go and test out the various guns in the stores themselves.After a little searching i settled on one in Wickes building supplies store in Ipswich ,i dont know who made it for Wickes or where it was made [guess/sense it is made in the UK] but whatever it suits me and my way of working.colch

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