the monkey man

recently i came across these WW2 images of a planes crew and their 2 mascots [ Scrappy the dog and Joe the monkey].  the photos were taken on Parham airfield , Suffolk around the year 1944. Most of the men died later that year on a mission over Germany…. Heres where it gets creepy>>>>

Back in the year 2000 i was spending my work days on that former airfield. One lunchtime break i was walking my dog there where once the planes had stood and suddenly up ahead of us in the tufted grass appeared what i can only describe as “a small naked man”,pink colour about 18inches high. It immediately ran away from us [my dog stopped in her tracks and i too stood stock still].  It ran upright,was pink ,no hair and its arms were swinging just as a man runs.  it was about 18 inches tall and i never saw its face,it ran a few yards along the path , then darted off to the right into dense undergrowth and joe4out of sight . ive never forgotten this!

seeing this old image of the monkey mascot has got me thinking,was it the monkeys ghost i saw that day ?joe

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weird incidences-with no closure

fall22Ever since i took up window cleaning weird incidences that have no conclusion have happened to me. Not every day, just 2 or 3 times each year. Do these have a hidden meaning…?

Each time iv tried to rationalize them,get to the bottom of them – and i never can . One happened to me today so im documenting it here ,while i still can recall the finer details.

I had just finished my work for the day and was walking back to my van and i see a middle aged ordinary lady setting up to take a photo [on her phone] of the side of van ,getting my number it seems.

She sees me and asks for a biz card instead .I give her one and then she explains shes looking for a new window cleaner,- cos the one she has fell off his ladder Yesterday -and he was airlifted out to hospital by the ambulance helicopter . Im gobsmacked at how callous she is but shes got my card now ,too late i cant grab it back. I ask whats this guys name,she had to think….its Ali .   Then she goes.I watch her walk away over to a cluster of  parked cars nearby but she disappears without me seeing which one she got into . No matter .

Once i get home i start asking around on the grapevine,but none of the regulars have heard of an Ali .  One cleaner heard from a friend that the helicopter Did land yesterday next to the Primary school ,so that fits. Nothing on the net or in the local rag about it ….

Seems im now going to have to wait till/if she ever calls me,to find out who Ali is.  She mentioned she texted him later on the day he fell but he didnt reply .  Course hes didnt-hes in hospital somewhere . ambo

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taking no Shit

i had an idea to add this bog brush onto the back of my van,its there to wipe shoes on if theyve picked up any plop shitbad 001

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entering competitions

ive not ever been one for entering competitions.  not ever done the lottery or even bought a scratchcard. Maybe i just dont crave to win win win,who knows….

But iv decided to run a competition page on my website.  This time its a spot-the -differences type competition . Why am i doing this? Well ,iv a stash of khaki work caps  that came via the firm that hosts my website and theyre unique .Right now the competition is an unusual way to get a hold of one of these .

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people you meet

sometimes someone you meet briefly makes a lasting impression . i met a 90 yr old lady briefly in Ipswich hospital . she is a widow called Lilly . had been married 46 years to Bill till he died,apparently he was a lovely man, a real gentleman by all accounts .

Every year on their wedding anniversary day for 46 years he bought her red roses . Then eventually he died…

Roll on the next year and suprise suprise  the red roses still arrived  from her Bill on the big day … i think that was lovelyroseselderlu

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ill in September

garrett--of-ipswich-hospital-suffolk-uk-BX7569iv been ill for a week. im rarely ill . Anyway whatever bug it is has messed with me good n proper. The main symptom has been a hacking cough . My immune system has been fighting it – and its been fighting back with various goddam awful tactics. in the nightime its had me throwing up . Just as i think im winning it comes back to assault me………..update……. collapsed at work ….drove home ,,,ambulance, blue lights,sirens …ended up in hospital .  staying in hospital overnight gets the mind racing!

mannnconclusion >>> migraineous aura

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enoch house in 2017

what started off as a clean of 1 small apartment here has mushroomed quickly. After hearing a recommendation about my biz from a nearby customer i was asked to clean the windows for a resident in Enoch House. This is a large assisted living facility that has just been totally refurbed. its very impressive inside

Anyhow once we were seen there doing the work,other residents asked to have their windows cleaned by us. Its ramped up so much almost unbelievably its a helluva lot of windows ,a big complex of several wings -im now dedicating a full work day here every 6 weeks . The windows are not only brand new they are also of very good quality so they really gleam when they are cleanenoch2

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