my spider craze

spider 011aa 2015  is my year of the spiders. im not sure what drew me into keeping pet tarantulas  [but i DO see many spiders on the windows when im working could be that ] but i started keeping this year .  this baby in the photo i bought recently in SEAPETS STORE  IN Colchester . iv named her/him Chaika  cos she comes from Vietnam.  Then i realized that Chaika is more of a russian name but too late iv labelled her home now . i then remembered that chaika was the name of a dog in russia that went into space back in the day -no connection whatsoever ,i guess i just like the weird sounding names! edit-dogs name was actually Laika

She is living in a glass jar [ex choc spread] and eating tiny crickets that i drop in every few days.

About junnywindows

i own a window cleaning biz that focusses on 4 East England coastal towns. its always busy year-round and has its moments of humour and sadness
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