JOINING the alliance

iv never much been one for joining in with thingswcalogo. im more of a lone wolf type

However, joining the window cleaners alliance is something i really wanted to do.i did it today .

its been set up by a guy called Mark munro from the West country. its a group for window cleaners to band together and its ran by a window cleaner ,so its got the soul .

he is also the man behind the Window cleaning show that i mentioned in a previous post . Hes a really nice decent guy and i shared a beer with him at the show and chatted about nothing in particular but everything window cleaning related if that makes sense. Anyway,iv no doubt that his latest project [the alliance] will do very well

About junnywindows

i own a window cleaning biz that focusses on 4 East England coastal towns. its always busy year-round and has its moments of humour and sadness
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