good gun-for gutter repair

im talking about a cartridge gun ,not a gun gun. id been looking for a really good Cartridge gun to apply butyl gloop up on the gutter line . it had to meet several criterios ,when you work on a ladder it has to be right first time.These were my criterias

1-has to be nifty and light 2-have a hook on it to hang on a ladder 3-be a non dripper 4-just had to feel right in my hand wickes.

The hunt took a few weeks, reading online reviews got me part of the way .The best way ultimately was to go and test out the various guns in the stores themselves.After a little searching i settled on one in Wickes building supplies store in Ipswich ,i dont know who made it for Wickes or where it was made [guess/sense it is made in the UK] but whatever it suits me and my way of working.colch

About junnywindows

i own a window cleaning biz that focusses on 4 East England coastal towns. its always busy year-round and has its moments of humour and sadness
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