Sea driftwood cabinets

i really enjoy making these. Theres the finding of the driftwood ,driftwood washes up randomly here at Felixstowe ,theres never very much of it and it usually gets taken back by the very next tide,–so iv got to be quick. Next stage is washing it and then setting it to dry-this takes 2 yrs! but iv got to be patient i cannot use it till its totally dry . Then i set out the pieces and see what comes to my mind . Ive sold several cabinets [for mermaid style bathrooms] and they are all over the world! how cool is that. Ive even been commisioned to make one .Anyhoo heres a few images of recent ones. Theyre in my etsy shop right now

About junnywindows

i own a window cleaning biz that focusses on 4 East England coastal towns. its always busy year-round and has its moments of humour and sadness
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