id found a piece of sea metal

at low tides edge,it was sticking up in the sand and i pulled it out and tapped it on the shingle.Straight away it reminded me of a wave . I was going to put it in the bin on the prom instead i took it home where it lay in the garden amongst other “finds ” for a while then i got the idea to make this sculpture from it . It is steel ,probably came off a drum or was a strap but its another real mystery .Now its in my etsy shop for sale.Etsy has been very good to me recently and making art has fitted well in with my day job .Had a swim in the sea yesterday it was very chilly but boy did it feel good!

About junnywindows

i own a window cleaning biz that focusses on 4 East England coastal towns. its always busy year-round and has its moments of humour and sadness
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