i had a dream! in it i made this boat

what was weird in the dream was the man on the boat was a black man AND a white man. When i woke up i scribbled down the dream so i did not forget it,then set about making the boat from driftwood off the beach…..i then decided to paint the man one side a white man,one side a black man,,,voila

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making friends -Actually making 2 friendly birds

i got the idea to make these 2 birds on seeing a glove laying on the beach. The fingers of the glove became a bird,can you spot this?

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mixing with artists

i am,online ,mixing with other artists . it gives me ideas about creating. i really like it https://rafiandklee.com/shine-a-light-group-art-show/ and hearing stories about others lives . have a look see here,

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selling my art-onEtsy!

i have an Etsy shop.If you like looking at art you can look into my art and even buy a piece if you want.For the most part my art has a seaside connection,but not all, why not go over and take a look? click the link https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/sunnySUFFOLKartIMG_3546

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making an art water pot

Decided i could make a better brush water pot ,to clean my brushes properly -over my original

jam jar water pot.The jam jar worked but did not do the job of cleaning very well.

So i repurposed this clear plastic mixer jar ,added a brush inside ,and a wood base for extra stability  .Then i carved some ridges in the rim to make brush rests .Voila ! i have a really great brush cleaner

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waking up with Double vision!

thats whats happened,one morning i had a headache lasted all day. Next morning i woke with double vision. Its now a week on as i write this blogpost, i THINK its improving. If not i will be up the doctors asap.FOLLOW UP – HOSPITAL ,,,diagnosis migraine [had something similar in 2017 well that time it was my arm .anyway,now iv got migraine. meds i should be ok! ,,,,,,,,updated ,,,,weeks later,it turns out id actually pulled a muscle in my eye


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Focus on apartments

iv always had a soft spot for window cleaning apartments,im not sure why?

this is. Most usually the occupier is especially happy at having found someone keen to clean their windows,it could simply be this because in my area this angle of the trade does not seem to be the focus of other window cleaners

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window cleaning AND art

its an unusual combo, making art AND¬† cleaning windows . But the connection is there….to clean windows correctly in a timely manner you need to be very detail oriented and its the same with art , its all about the detail though there is not the same time restraint.you can find my art on sale here- https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/sunnySUFFOLKart

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a few dollars more

yesterday i sold 3 of my paintings, wow selling my art its not something id planned but they really wanted them. this is a post about the 3 i sold

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painting is very relaxing

IMG_2034Turns out i really like painting. i bought a kids set of acrylic


paints early this year and instantly found a great interest in painting.At school i could never paint as im colour blind.

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