cleaning and mending gutters



October has been very good.A new sideline income is guttering cleaning// repairs, we have gotten very busy very quickly with this add-on work . Ive had to buy a few additional new tools and repair bits n bobs to carry from job to job.

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broken gnomes

in my travels to clean windows i quite often see broken garden gnomes in folks gardens. Theyve been there at least as long as ive been cleaning windows,ten years plus.I never touch them but i always look over ,do sometimes say Hello to them .

Whats the back story to them,how did they arrive like that ? Do i want to know?its the mystery factor i will never know the back story

gnome2 It got me thinking…. theyre not perfect-bit like people,nobody is perfect nor should they be – but theyve all still got their place in life .

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unusual egg clusters

close up to houses cleaning the windows i often see Spiders and their webs , this time of year [late summer] Photo-0012 (25)Photo-0013 (22)Photo-0014 (18)Photo-0015 (11)they are busy making their egg sacs. This cluster of egg sacs looked weird and the momma was hung below one of the sacs. Not sure what species,she didnt look like a false widow

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mag signs

i bought a couple of magnetic door signs for the work van.  They came from Holland and Vistaprint made them.  i like the idea to peel them off if i want to call a halt to gutter work. i dont always want to do this add-on type of work, it can be gruelling and dangerous  due to its nature you never know whats facing you till you are up by the roof – so i dont want to commit to doing it every week especially in Winter .Anyhoo im pleased with the signs . Photo-0012 (11)

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old van leaves

i always get this end of life scrap dismantler to take away my old vehicles when im done with using them. oh what tales that old window cleaning van could tell!  in its last few months it sure drove me mad [mind of its own]  but hey what about all the good times !  i patted the front wing lightly and said my goodbyes to it .Strangely as it got winched onto the back of the truck one of its wheels got caught hard on summat-as if to say “dont let me go jonny!”

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rain gutter clean outs

in recent times we have been doing a lot of these. Its a job where you have to take care because it can have hidden risks.Last week as i got up close n personal to a gutter a dove flew out from a hidden nest on the roofline and almost hit me square in the face. Shit me up!!!  Ive now

invested in a selection of gutter cleaning tools to make the actual job easier in the long run

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old tyme door clean

This front door really shines when i clean it every month.  Originally was a guest house built just after the year 1900 for holidaymakers but is now a personal home. Its on Felixstowe seafront . I gently buff the coloured glass pieces to clean them using a damp scrim cloth. Its a memorably pretty doorwaybeach2Photo-0023 (1)Photo-0022 (1)

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unusual door clean

i was asked to clean this old studded wooden door . Not sure exactly how old it is id wager at least 100yrs?

wonder who it was that looked out of those peepholes?

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why i work where i do

east-england11is it because i live there already? no its not that,i only work 1 day per week in my immediate home area. As a business owner window cleaner im lucky i can choose to work in places that i enjoy working.If i dont feel a good vibe then i stop cleaning windows there and move on to somewhere with a better vibe. Its not about money,its the Vibe . Of course i have to get paid for my services ,if i dont well that can contribute to a bad vibe situation. Certainly dont stick around if the air stinks! In the past ive turned down some very well paid jobs just because the air stinks ,well not actually smells bad,more like theres red flags + electrostatic in the air- you get my drift?

Thats why people go on holiday to nice places,to get a good vibe. A great view can give a good vibe . So can a wonderful menu. Sometimes you simply dont know why it is,but a place Just Plain Feels Right !

Recently i was reading the biography of the famous actor Robert Shaw ,he mostly played hard nosed types in war/action films back in the 1970s. Anyway he decided to live in a small out of the way place in Ireland simply because it had a good vibe.Actually he died there too,at the roadside .He pulled up suddenly in his big car after feeling unwell got out and lay down. He said to his wife “dont leave me”, but she went off to get help ,by time she got back he had gone….shaw

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an industry hat

a cleaning industry friend in Arizona sent me one of his caps.He doesnt actually clean himself but he wanted one of my work caps [he collects em] and so i sent him one . His cap is really flasshy ,very American ! mine are more of a workaday cap IMG_1003

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