unusual door clean

i was asked to clean this old studded wooden door . Not sure exactly how old it is id wager at least 100yrs?

wonder who it was that looked out of those peepholes?

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why i work where i do

east-england11is it because i live there already? no its not that,i only work 1 day per week in my immediate home area. As a business owner window cleaner im lucky i can choose to work in places that i enjoy working.If i dont feel a good vibe then i stop cleaning windows there and move on to somewhere with a better vibe. Its not about money,its the Vibe . Of course i have to get paid for my services ,if i dont well that can contribute to a bad vibe situation. Certainly dont stick around if the air stinks! In the past ive turned down some very well paid jobs just because the air stinks ,well not actually smells bad,more like theres red flags + electrostatic in the air- you get my drift?

Thats why people go on holiday to nice places,to get a good vibe. A great view can give a good vibe . So can a wonderful menu. Sometimes you simply dont know why it is,but a place Just Plain Feels Right !

Recently i was reading the biography of the famous actor Robert Shaw ,he mostly played hard nosed types in war/action films back in the 1970s. Anyway he decided to live in a small out of the way place in Ireland simply because it had a good vibe.Actually he died there too,at the roadside .He pulled up suddenly in his big car after feeling unwell got out and lay down. He said to his wife “dont leave me”, but she went off to get help ,by time she got back he had gone….shaw

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an industry hat

a cleaning industry friend in Arizona sent me one of his caps.He doesnt actually clean himself but he wanted one of my work caps [he collects em] and so i sent him one . His cap is really flasshy ,very American ! mine are more of a workaday cap IMG_1003

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things that make you smile

what makes you smile?  everytime i clean the windows/front door at this house i see these 2 ducks [or are they geese?] and i smile!Photo-0002 (6)e

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what a co-incidence!

must be a million to one against this…….

Today i arrived at a customers to clean his windows, in the conver he told me hes shortly going into hospital to have a foot/toes amputated ,because hes got gangrene. OH MY GOD how awful . Anyhow ,after wishing him good luck with his op ,i got on with cleaning his windows and as i was doing that i happened to look down and this ornamental dog was looking back at me,minus 1 leg !dogleg

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the chinese way

heres me cleaning the windows at a chinese takeaway in Felixstowe,Suffolk. The owner gave me an ice cold can of Coke to drink as i worked,that was a nice touch.  Photo-0005Photo-0004

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acid -causes me grief

this bottle of acid normally resides happily in my van. Its used by me or my lads to remove hard water stains from glass . It is a great way to get rid of severe stains .

But the bottle split and leaked unnoticed and slowly poisoned the air in the van. Its awful stuff !!-anyway its now gone and the new acid container has a leakproof box as a bulletproof solution IMG_0797

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