things that make you smile

what makes you smile?  everytime i clean the windows/front door at this house i see these 2 ducks [or are they geese?] and i smile!Photo-0002 (6)e

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what a co-incidence!

must be a million to one against this…….

Today i arrived at a customers to clean his windows, in the conver he told me hes shortly going into hospital to have a foot/toes amputated ,because hes got gangrene. OH MY GOD how awful . Anyhow ,after wishing him good luck with his op ,i got on with cleaning his windows and as i was doing that i happened to look down and this ornamental dog was looking back at me,minus 1 leg !dogleg

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the chinese way

heres me cleaning the windows at a chinese takeaway in Felixstowe,Suffolk. The owner gave me an ice cold can of Coke to drink as i worked,that was a nice touch.  Photo-0005Photo-0004

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acid -causes me grief

this bottle of acid normally resides happily in my van. Its used by me or my lads to remove hard water stains from glass . It is a great way to get rid of severe stains .

But the bottle split and leaked unnoticed and slowly poisoned the air in the van. Its awful stuff !!-anyway its now gone and the new acid container has a leakproof box as a bulletproof solution IMG_0797

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Nothing in life is for free ?

or is it?  right from when i first started my window cleaning biz ive been doing “an extra” for free .  and i never mention it to a customer.  i Hope they notice it and think “ah thats nice ” -which is probably why i do it.

so what is it?  when anyone engages my biz to get their windows cleaned on the first clean they get the entire outer doors cleaned and scrubbed and polished for free. From then on at each subsequent window clean the doors are kept clean by wiping/scrubbing to maintain the appearance . I Love You-0007 (4)

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thinking of customers past

ive been a window cleaner almost ten years now- im reflecting on it.  the people who iv cleaned for who have passed away are in my mind. the gentle conversations i had with them- i still hear them .

When i first started out window cleaning i was very unsure, im not a natural to cleaning, i mean its not in my background . But some of the people i met were very encouraging and offered kind words of support. Of course a few were the exact opposite ,telling me “youre shit ,dont come back”  ,but i dont hear them now

i dug deep and persisted , got good and natural at cleaning in time and on the hard days the kindly words spoken to me many years back often came back into my mind. Many of these people are now dead but i can  still hear the voices ,our conver it seems it was like yesterday , the words of advice , clearly remain, in my mind . “my husband always used to say… ” ” youll be allrite Jonny ”  laddd

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who inspires me

who has inspired you?  ……..

2 people come to my mind [have inspired me] , firstly Billy Connolly=legendary comedian. I named my son after him, and in 2012 i actually met him one wintry day down at Ipswich docks. He shook my hand after i called him over,but said not one word !

Secondly is a window cleaner in U.S.A called Don Marsh, he made a series of youtuber vids about life as a window cleaner.

Both of these people inspired me .If when you read this somebody comes into your mind that has inspired You,please put it in the comments

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